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Theravada Audio Dhamma (15)

Revata, Ashin (Paauktoya). လူေတြ ဘာလုပ္ေနၾကသလဲ။ [What are People Doing?] 25 Apr 2005.
With reference to “Cula Kamma Vibanga Sutta” and “Ogha Sarana Sutta”, explained how Kamma is like a personal property, inherited property, cause, good friend and reliable one; four Ogha and the way that the Buddha overcame them.  Listen more
Revata, Ashin (Paauktoya). အသက္ၾကီးလာတဲ့အခါ။ [When One Became Old] 18 May 2006.
Specification of adult and youth levels according to Dhamma; two types of maturation; how to be a real adult (in accordance with Dhamma).  Listen more
Suriya, Ashin (Aung Cakka). ေ႐ြး၍လွဴပါ စိစစ္ပါ။ [Choose and Analyze When Performing Dana] Yangon, [no date]
Include: why people donate; difference between performing Dana with Vijja (knowing) and Avijja (without knowing); advantages of Dana, Sila and Bhavana; right attention and its consequence; Kamma view and Dhamma view; ways of choosing and analyzing when performing Dana; advice to perform Dana with intention to attain Nibbana.  Listen more
Suriya, Ashin (Aung Cakka). လာရာသြားရာ အသိဉာဏ္႐ွာ။ [Find Wisdom in Entering and Leaving] Yangon, 6 Mar 2012.
Mentioned: how it is important to do insight knowledge before one faces ageing, illness and death; three Sankhara; two kinds of meritorious deed; result of realizing Sacaa.  Listen more
Vicittasarabhivamsa, U (Mingun Sayadaw). ေမတၱာဘာဝနာ။ [Metta Bhavana] 1350 B.E.
Described: Why beings are burning with Loba, Dosa, Moha, Apaya and Dukkha fires; reason of nuturing Metta Bhavana; two methods of developing Metta_1. distributing Metta to all around, above and below, 2. eleven ways of Metta Bhavana (according to Metta Sutta).  Listen more
Vicittasarabhivamsa, U (Mingun Sayadaw). သစၥာေလးပါး
တရားေတာ္။ [Four Noble Truths] Yangon, 1339 B.E.
Definning Sacca; Samudaya Sacca in brief and in elaboration; two extremities_ Atta Kilamathanuyoga and Kama Sukhallikanuyoga; what middle way (Majjhima Patipada) is and its benefit; method of Catu Sacca Kammatthana; sequence of the Buddha's preaching.
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